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An experienced team runs our merchandising operations, which is a blend of people from the manufacturing and buying background. As soon as a product package is received we develop prices chart and samples for buyers. Even before this phase our product development team works on new fabrication to provide fresh perspectives. As a part of industry information strategy we update buyers on competitor information sheets (CIS) for market directions and ideas. Production status reports. (PSR) are yet any responsibility which we take care on routine bases while analyzing on ground data. Regional placement charts (RPC) will keep  you update and on timeline and delivery schedule.


In this region immense possibilities are yet to be explored and this is the right time to explore the inherent potential of manufacturing countries in terms of products offering, diversification’s and flexibility. Textile is the fastest growing sector in this area and a lot of investment is being done in men, machines and systems to provide up to date products.

A need for an effective sourcing partner is imminent and JS ENTERPRISES with its board operational structure, presence in the manufacturing countries and first hand technical expertise is the right source of south-east Asia.


It is the department consisting on technical and inspection teams. Technical team are made up of professionals with vast manufacturing knowledge. At the time of production trial runs they handle time and motion studies to ensure effective execution of production in scenario where the products are not subjected to rush processing time. Our tech team follows production processing at fabrication and cutting stages to ensure conformity to required standard of fabric performance and spec behavior. Quality assurance team is delegation and finishing in lines and also performs final quality inspections based on pre-defined AQL level.


We believe this is essential to adopt the latest available technology to maintain the best quality standards set by us and admire by us our precious clients.

Therefore we have the aim to bring max possible, well equipped in house lab testing facilities to make our quality assurance dept more effective and efficient. In addition to this, special collaboration is made with the best textile-testing lab in the market. This is something which eliminates all the chances of overlooking something or making errors even doubled checked through any textile lab on this planet. And of course we are on the way to facilitate our merchandising dept with the latest equipment to maintain a speedy and effective flow of information all the time. In brief we are a technology friendly organization.

Tarif Dept.

Traffic department provides a liaison between consolidator, buyer and factory for systematic transportation. Vessel schedule coupled with production status sheet provide a grip on merchandise movement.

As soon as a shipment passes inspection phase our traffic dept. is our buyer’s key source for all information regarding ETA, shipping visa, packing list and invoice documentation. our proposal of landed duty paid merchandise delivery is handled by a traffic right from manufacturer to ware- houses. Whether it’s a sea shipment or an air freight delivery this dept. follow up on all stages to present realistic ware-house delivery dates.


“To help customers forge long term relationship with reliable vendors for better products sourcing through a dedicated team of professionals”

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Some good reasons are, sourcing partnership eliminates political and economic limitations. Quality is on a consistent improvement curve.

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Quality Assurance is an essential part of any business activity at JS Enterprises. It is this emphasis on quality that set JS Enterprises apart...

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